1-Day AI Primer

An AI introduction (For non-technical professionals)

What is AI? What are its applications? How do I apply AI in my environment? In today’s AI-powered world, every decision-maker has to be ready to enter the conversation. The goal of this 1-Day AI Workshop is to equip you with the knowledge, the tools and the confidence necessary to understand Artificial Intelligence and the value it can bring to your work and your organization.

In the morning, you will develop a solid conceptual understanding of Artificial Intelligence, the technology behind it as well as it’s present and future applications. We will also examine AI’s current risks and challenges, promises and opportunities, as well as the importance of ethics.

In the afternoon, you will be introduced to the basics of Human-Centered Design through a series of hands-on exercises, applying what you have learned in the morning. Finally, you will work on business cases to help you find ways to use AI to create additional value in your work.


Module 1: An Introduction to AI

  • What is AI? What is it Not?
  • How does AI work?
  • Different Types of AI
  • Business & Industry Applications
  • AI in Society
  • Ethics
  • AI Risks and Promises

Module 2: Designing AI for Humans

  • Human-Centered Design for AI
  • AI & Business/Creative Applications
  • Participatory Exercises

Program Benefits

  • Gain a solid foundation of AI, so that your organization can understand AI, its advantages, and its limitations.
  • Understand the principles of Human-Centered Design, so that your product teams can develop sustainable AI solutions that create value for your company.
  • Comprehend how to effectively apply AI in your workplace, so that, if your organization decides to pursue AI projects, you’ll know the fundamentals (the do’s and don’ts for AI project.)

Who Should Enroll

Our AI Primer Workshop is geared towards non-technical professionals working in a business environment and for creatives interested in understanding/applying AI in their work.

Program Information

Program Details

The program includes:

  • Lunch and beverages.

Class Times

February 18, 2020
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM PST


Kinestry Studio

1325 Palmetto Street,
Los Angeles
CA 90013


  • VP Artificial Intelligence

    Dr Zhang is Kinestry's own AI guru! A research fellow at Stanford who studied with Andrew Ng, Andrew Zhang is one of the top experts in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Neural Network as well as IoT and Blockchain. Prior to joining Kinestry, he worked in senior-level positions at Sharp Corporation and HB, a leading behavioral AI FinTech company. The brain behind our AI bootcamp, Andrew has adapted here a technical module with non-technical people in mind and teaches it himself, to make sure that every participant understands the technology behind AI.

  • Design Research and Strategy

    Ronni Kimm is a Design and Innovation Strategy Advisor at Kinestry and the Co-founder of Collective Future. Her work has spanned 25 years of diverse partnerships with organizations, creatives, and technologists. Her expertise using human-centered design approaches has helped numerous organizations understand how to solve problems strategically to create value for their organization. In addition, her most recent work focuses on future visioning and storytelling to help clients imagine new possibilities for their future. As an educator, her background includes lectureships and visiting artist/critic roles at the ArtCenter College of Design, California Institute of the Arts, General Assembly, Otis College of Art & Design, Sci-Arc, UCLA, and USC.
  • CEO Kinestry

    Eric Holdener, Kinestry’s CEO, has a passion for innovation and a strong expertise in helping companies implement it. He developed this program with one vision: innovation is everyone’s job, every level of the organization. With this one day AI Primer, he wants to help sure that non technical decision-makers, business executives or creatives, acquire the strategic and basic technical aspects of Artificial Intelligence to understand the value it can bring them, and to communicate with the technical teams.
“Great group of people, an interesting subject that was well presented. Loved the design of the presentation.”
- Chris Rico / Level Up Creative
“I feel like a have a firm foundation of knowledge about AI. Working with the group via both Tomas & break out sessions made me feel at ease in a more social setting. I wish we had more time for Human-Centered Design - I would sign up for a follow-up session!”
- Julie Pilat / The Idea Fountain
“Accessible/approachable introduction to complex & relevant topics. Understanding AI within computer science and recognizing practical applications. Level setting on the current state of AI and future potential.”
- Hannah Cortez / Apolis
“Getting an overview of the different concepts and diving into some of the fallacies. Also enjoyed the group exercise, which allowed me to think of AI through the lens of a practical problem. Takeaways: not every problem requires (or has a practical) AI solution; AI solutions still require a lot of 'babysitting' as they are developed; certain things out there are marketing stunts rather than actual AI.”
- Paul Pichler / Food Centricity, LLC
“I enjoyed the content that was shared. It was very informational and allowed me to understand where to focus my next steps in learning more about AI.”
- Jonathan G. Westfield /

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