Audience Genomics

Case Study on Using AI to Connect with Consumers in the New Normal

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Kinestry x corto augmented audience


So … good news and bad news. The bad news is: the months and years ahead will present marketers and brand managers with high stakes, tight budgets, and a vastly expanded need for consumers to connect their ever-changing values, needs, and emotional states with authentic and bold, yet humble brands. The good news is: the quarantine as created history’s largest consumer research panel. Literally everybody is online right now, and here’s never been more consumer data available to answer the big questions brands are asking themselves about how to position themselves in the new world we’re seeing emerge and shift day after day.

But while plentiful, that data is scattered across many sources, often behind the closed, Golden doors of Silicon Valley giants, and – perhaps most discouraging- is in formats (video, text, etc.) that are extremely unstructured, hence very challenging to parse from a technical standpoint.

This is the new arms race for brands: either developing or accessing AI-driven consumer insights tools that considerably raise the bar in thedepth of understanding of what consumers think and want


  • Eric is an innovation strategist. He spent over 12 years with Nestle, a Fortune 100 company, in numerous functions both in Switzerland and in the USA. His experience includes driving business and technology transformation initiatives, launching products, conducting large-scale LEAN initiatives and partnering with executive leadership teams on strategic projects to deliver organic growth. He introduced Design Thinking and developed innovative tools to help organizations visualize value and improve their performance.
  • Yves is the founder and CEO of Corto, an AI startup developing software tools to help media makers and marketers understand stories as algorithms and use deep audience data to optimize their distribution across all formats including film, TV, and advertising. Corto is in Private Beta with a handful of studios and advertising agencies, and is already actively used to develop film, TV and branded content.