Kinestry’s 5-Day AI Bootcamp

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In this 5-day intensive course, you will learn the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, its business applications and how to successfully implement these frontier technologies. Our unique Bootcamp will equip you with all the competence that industry leaders are seeking today to create value in their companies. As the need for AI skills grows, human skills such as storytelling and creativity become increasingly important. You will leave with a new set of skills in Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning that will enable you to prototype AI initiatives in your organization, but you will also learn with a professional actor the powerful tools that you need for your initiatives to be embraced. During this one of a kind training, hands-on experience will be gained by building a Machine Learning solution with your team of highly motivated participants. Interaction, team emulation, and nonverbal communications are vital to achieving learning objectives and this training, held in partnership with the non-profit AI LA community, is an essential one to succeed in the AI-powered world!

It really got me connected with the other participants in the course and lent a human element to a very technical subject
- Sophy Lee / CTO HopSkipDrive

Upcoming Workshops

  • 07
  • monday october ,2019

    Kinestry’s 5 – Day AI Bootcamp October 7-11

    Each Day - 8:30 AM PDT

    1325 Palmetto Street

    Los Angeles, CA 90013

  • 04
  • monday november ,2019

    Kinestry’s 5 – Day AI Bootcamp November 4-8

    Each Day - 8:30 AM PDT

    1325 Palmetto Street

    Los Angeles, CA 90013

  • 20
  • monday january ,2020

    Kinestry’s 5-Day AI Bootcamp – January 20-24

    Each Day - 8:30 AM PDT

    1325 Palmetto Street

    Los Angeles, CA 90013

Program Benefits

  • Learn the concepts that will help you understand AI’s unique challenges and opportunities 
  • Gain a well-rounded understanding of how AI works 
  • Understand Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques, including applications to the workplace
  • Acquire the tools needed to develop effective AI systems with Python programming
  • Solve real AI problems through hands-on projects
  • A Certificate of Participation from Kinestry and AI L.A. demonstrating the completion of the AI Bootcamp
The training helped me on more than the fundamentals of AI. I can easily say that the training improved my skillset and the way I think about AI.
- Jared Sacco / Kim Inc.


AI Essentials

    AI Overview
    Python Programming
    Environment Setup
    Storytelling for AI Adoption
    Group presentation of personal projects

Data Science

    Data Science Knowledge and Workflow
    Data Science Tool in Python – Pandas
    Data Visualization
    Data Exploration Analysis

Machine Learning

    Machine Learning Knowledge and Workflow
    Machine Learning Tools
    Regression and Classification
    Clustering and Dimensionality Reduction

Deep Learning

    Deep Learning Knowledge and DNN
    Convolutional Neural Networks
    Recurrent Neural Networks
    Pre-trained Networks

Who Should Enroll

The AI Bootcamp is tailored for professionals working in technology development with an engineering background and a basic understanding of logic and mathematical reasoning. No AI background is required, but programming skills such as Java, Javascript, C++, etc. are necessary. The course is suitable for a range of positions including:

  • Managers
  • Engineers
  • Developers
  • Data analysts

Program Information

Program Details

The program includes:

  • Five-day of AI training and training materials and literature.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and beverages are included.
  • Eight hours of consulting and coaching on your specific project per attendee over the three months following your training.

Class Times

Each day the program runs from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm.


Kinestry Studio

1325 Palmetto Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013


  • VP Artificial Intelligence

    Dr Zhang is the brain who developed this course, Kinestry's own AI guru! A research fellow at Stanford who studied with Andrew Ng, Andrew Zhang is one of the top experts in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Neural Network as well as IoT and Blockchain. Prior to joining Kinestry, he worked in senior-level positions at Sharp Corporation and HB, a leading behavioral AI FinTech company. During the five days of the bootcamp, Andrew takes a very active part in leading the practical exercices and gets very serious about supporting each team of participants on their hands-on projects!

  • Machine Learning Engineer

    Remya Mathew is the central instructor in this course, leading all the technical sessions. She has worked as an Assistant Professor for over 5 years and has a wealth of professional research experience in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. She is a certified professional in Machine Learning from University of Washington, Seattle and holds a Master of Technology in VLSI and Embedded Systems. She still gets very passionate when it comes to educate engineers about frontier technologies and she makes sure every participant becomes an Artificial Intelligence Ambassador!

Guest Speakers

  • CEO Kinestry

    Eric is the other brain behind this program. He is the Business Transformation and Design Thinking master who came up with the concept of a training bringing together in-demand technical competence and uniquely human skills, driven by a strong vision: the best asset of a company is its human capital. His strong experience in partnering with executive leadership teams as well as tech teams on strategic projects to create sustainable value makes him the champion of Innovation, which he teaches in this course along with the ethics of Artificial Intelligence.
  • CEO Semio, VP AI LA

    Dr. Ross Mead is the co-founder of AI LA and founder and CEO of Semio. Ross received his PhD with a dissertation work focused on socially assistive robots, specifically, on the principled design and computational modeling of fundamental social behaviors (such as speech, gestures, eye gaze, social spacing, etc.) that serve as building blocks for automated recognition and control in face-to-face human-robot interactions. His classes on the state of AI is obviously a very special moment of our training week!
  • Actor

    Sure, Tomas Pais is a professional actor that you can see on TV, but during our bootcamp he plays the central role of an engagement skills coach. Passionate about science and technology, Tomas focuses his work here around storytelling and he helps our future AI engineers realize their full potential as creative storytellers as well. Through tailored improvisation work, you learn to actively listen to your environment, use what surrounds you and inspire others to develop group thinking, confidence in their own ideas, and empathy. You leave ready to translate your technical knowledge of AI into business language, to implement new team interaction practices and to successfully transform your organization!

Food Experience

  • Established in 2017, Hank and Bean is a culinary partnership between chefs Henry Fischer and Anna Rose Hopkins. Hank and Bean provides immersive dining events, consultation, catering and bespoke chef services to the greater Los Angeles area. Our aim is to provide luxurious abundance while working in a way that is both authentic for our region and less impactful on our planet.