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We said in our previous newsletter how Kinestry was founded to help organizations operate their digital transformation. Are you wondering how we do that? We are answering this question with our new website, which provides a clear message of how we create a bridge from the old economy to the new AI world.

We have added a range of new content to the Kinestry website showing how we partner with our clients and offer resources to adapt to the changing landscape. There's a richer section on our strategic consulting activities where our team talks about accompanying our clients towards their Digital Transformation with our strong expertise in emerging technologies and our Human-Centered Design approach. We explain how we are ensuring that our client's workplace transformation is aligned with their digital one. The conversation we are having around lifelong learning and new skills development are essential to plan the Future of Work.

This is why our new website provides more information on our AI Certification Bootcamp: there is an exciting new film we made during one of those intensive five days! Go check it out and see how IT Engineers with no background in AI acquire all the skills that employers are now looking for.

We are also very excited to introduce a 1-Day AI Primer! Artificial Intelligence is not a topic for engineers only, everyone should understand it and be able to comprehend how it could be applied to their work. We have created this intensive introduction so that at the end of the day, non-technical people are able to understand AI projects and communicate with technical teams.

In the same workshop section, you'll also find a short description of our Human-Centered Design workshop that will be coming early next year. We'll be providing more information soon about this course, the first one in our creativity workshop series!

Finally, we have dedicated a News section providing you with insightful articles, an on-going list of what we like to read, whether it's on technology or creativity... in the end, it's always about the importance of innovation, isn't it?

Check out our new website and engage with us to let us know what you think!

1-Day AI Primer

How to understand AI in one day?

The answer is: Kinestry's 1-Day AI Primer. We now know that anyone who is working in a business, environment, even creatives, need to be ready to enter the conversation. But they often wonder: What is AI? What are its applications? How do I apply it in my environment?

That's why we designed a quick and easy course. In one day, you will walk away with:

  • A solid foundation of AI
  • Understand the principles of Human-Centered Design
  • Comprehend how to effectively apply AI in your workplace


Food for Thought

It's important for us to communicate our vision of the future and the principles that guide us. Last time, we shared an article that Eric Holdener, CEO Kinestry, wrote on creativity and innovation. In this newsletter, he wanted to share with you about last week's news on the Pentagon AI committee and why it matters: "The Pentagon is working on deploying artificial intelligence to help select battlefield targets, and this legitimately triggers ethical concerns about using the technology for waging war. It was, therefore, crucial for the Department of Defence to establish guidelines. Last week, the Defense Innovation Board, a panel of 16 prominent technologists chaired by Eric Schmidt and including Neil deGrasse Tyson and Reid Hoffman amongst others, voted to approve AI ethics principles. Their report includes 12 recommendations for how the U.S. military can apply ethics in the future of both combat and non-combat AI systems. The principles are broken into five main principles: responsible, equitable, traceable, reliable, and governable, and although not very specific they go beyond similar lists of principles promulgated by big tech companies. If the military adopts and implements the guidelines, it would hopefully establish standards for corporations and the wider tech world." Read more here.

A Few Things We Currently Like

The Project Management Institute (PMI) recently announced in its list of Most Influential Projects over the past 50 years. We found it very fascinating! The list recognizes projects that have transformed their sectors and the entire business landscape—from technology to healthcare, infrastructure to architecture, finance to entertainment. Honorees include iconic achievements such as Apollo 11, Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Global Polio Eradication Initiative, but also the Atari 2600™ Video Game Player (remember that?), Wikipedia, Alexa and of course, on the top of the list the World Wide Web. Read more here.

San Pellegrino started the construction of its new factory designed by BIG: Innovation is not only about Artificial Intelligence and we love how the vision of the San Pellegrino Factory of the Future combines design, innovation, and social sustainability. Its concept is based on the logistical and production operations of the site with an immersive experience that will welcome visitors from all over the world. Learn more here.

Women make up 30% of our workshop participants and we are very happy about that: AI systems will reflect their creators so diversity and inclusivity are immensely important. This is why we are proud to partner with Wonder Women Tech. It's an organization with a mission to highlight, celebrate, and educate women and the underrepresented in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) industries. We will be sponsors of the Wonder Women Tech conference in Long Beach this week on November 7-8 and we will be raffling one free seat to the 5-Day AI Bootcamp!

Upcoming Events and Workshops

We host our bootcamps and classes at the Kinestry Studio in Downtown Los Angeles. Here are our upcoming dates:

January 20-24 5-Day AI Bootcamp
February 3-7 5-Day AI Bootcamp

Thank you for reading! We hope that you will continue the AI revolution conversation with us.