Collective Future, Kinestry Facilitate the Inaugural SoCal Life Sciences AI Leadership Symposium

On Tuesday, February 25th, Collective Future and Kinestry facilitated the first SoCal Life Sciences AI Leadership Symposium that was organized by AI LA CommmunityHanaHaus in Newport Beach, California.

Executives, researchers, and scientists from various organizations across Southern California, such as USC, UCI, and the City of Hope, to name a few, came together to envision the Life Sciences and Healthcare ecosystem in 2030.

Collective Future

The group explored several possible futures of the healthcare landscape through Future Visioning, context mapping, narratives, disruptors, and what would need to happen to enable those futures.

A common theme among the most forward-thinking individuals was how to break current biases and barriers between different healthcare verticals to increase collaboration among Southern California healthcare regions.

A participant who is leading applied AI and Data Science at City of Hope commented that hospitals and other healthcare institutions have difficulty attracting talented AI/ML engineers and data scientists because of inherent biases.

Future Visioning Workshop

For one, healthcare or health-related organizations don’t take a second look at applicants who don’t have any healthcare experience in their resume. What’s more, AI/ML engineers and data scientists rather work for Big Tech, such as Google and Facebook, because of the stigma around compensation.

Groups came up with creative narratives of the Life Science landscape in 2030 ranging from pandemics to the humble beginnings of a start-up taking on traditional healthcare. Many solutions leveraged AI, IoT, Cloud Computing, Data Privacy, and VR to help navigate archaic processes that slow and diminish the efficacy and quality of care.

Future Visioning Presentation

Another participant, Chief Executive Officer of an innovation lab, shared a narrative of start-up navigating barriers and regulation of traditional healthcare institutions by forming teams of multidisciplinary professionals with proper credentials.

Collective Future and Kinestry facilitation of Future Visioning workshop, with AI LA and BioLA, is the first step in a long-term plan to turning SoCal into an international hub for Life Sciences and Healthcare in 2030.

About AI LA Community

AI LA is a community of cross-disciplinary stakeholders with more than 5,000 members and growing who represent the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M.) communities of Greater Los Angeles (LA) Area. We launched in April 2016 and overtime have produced events, workshops, and content to explore artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and other frontier technologies, and the impacts they will have on humanity. It’s our mission to catalyze innovation through education, conversation, and collaboration.

About Collective Future

Collective Future Lab is a collaborative effort to investigate possible futures through an inclusive gathering place for exploration. It brings together a collective of changemakers—from architects, ethnologists, and designers to choreographers, VR experts, and physical therapists—who are interested in solving problems on scales large and small. Through generative partnerships, CF Lab invests in building the future. We create new forms and new meanings for emergent technologies and environments. We develop unique processes, methodologies, and frameworks for research. And we experiment with novel business models and developing ideas of value—looking ahead to understand hybrid financial systems of the future.

About Kinestry

At Kinestry, we help organizations build strategic capabilities in Artificial Intelligence and transition into the Future of Work. We help companies implement AI in their business practices where it creates sustainable value and unique competitive advantage. Our technological expertise (Machine Learning, Neural Networks, etc) coupled with a Human-Centered Design approach enables our team to work with our clients in their initial design, prototyping, and project scaling. What’s more, we partner with our clients to build technical capabilities and a data-driven culture around AI to ensure successful adoption and sustainable implementation in the workplace.

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Author : Jay Velasco