HR in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

The AI Revolution is here and HR is not ready, according to multiple studies. Employees need AI skills to thrive in the future, but so do HR teams. It is more and more obvious that most companies have understood that they now have to implement AI systems to stay in the race, but not only do they not have the talent: they also don't have the leadership or the confidence in their human resources teams. Adopting AI means adopting it for HR functions too and those departments are not accustomed to using data to support decisions. That shift in the organization's culture has to happen soon and, in order to stay relevant, HR leaders will have to integrate that data to inform people's decisions.

They also need to think about how to retrain the workforce for this culture change in an AI-driven future. IBM predicts that 120 million workers globally will need to reskilled quickly to adapt to an AI-powered world - and that if companies don't get started soon they will quickly risk losing their competitive edge. HR leaders will have to deliver training to employees who are used to a personalized approach in their consumer's lives and who want short, practical modules that have been curated to teach them exactly what they need to know.

These changes in culture require HR leaders to upgrade their own skill sets while simultaneously upskilling their workforce and changing how the business functions. We have developed our workshops precisely to help organizations be ready for the Future of Work and our two AI workshops precisely answer those needs. Our 1-Day AI Primer, developed for non-technical functions, equips HR leaders with the knowledge they need to understand how AI can be applied to their work and will help their teams to better fill the talent gap and develop training strategies. Our clients have found that one of the most efficient way to jumpstart a reskilling initiative is to have a customized version of our 5-Day AI Bootcamp delivered on-site for their IT engineers who have no skills in AI. In just a few days, their teams have acquired the competence they need to develop AI initiatives or perform activities that require humans to work with AI systems.

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