Kinestry Launches Scholarship Program

Our mission is to help organizations embrace Artificial Intelligence in the workplace, but we strongly believe that AI systems have to be developed consciously and ethically so that technology benefits humankind and doesn’t endanger it. This is why we partnered with AILA, a non-profit organization democratizing AI using a human-centered approach: we share common values and we support their mission to build a community around Artificial Intelligence and educate our society on its impact. A critical pillar for Kinestry is to ensure every talented individual can find the resources they need and the support to build their expertise in that field and develop products for the greater good of humanity. Diversity and inclusion are the foundations of building good AI. We have decided, with AI LA, to develop an initiative supporting young talents or experienced professionals who want to pursue a career in this field.

We are happy to announce that starting in 2020, we will be offering several scholarships for each of the 5-Day AI Bootcamps. These scholarships will allow students to participate in our workshops alongside corporate professionals because we believe that bringing participants from different backgrounds and horizons is what makes this training successful. Artificial Intelligence is vital to thrive in the Future of Work and this workshop is a crash course that equips talents with the competence to work in AI.

To be eligible, talents who can't benefit from a corporate training reimbursement program do not have to be engineers but need to have prior coding experience. We don't require any academic diploma, but passion and excitement about the future! Eligibility will be determined for each candidate who fills out our application form, explaining in a few sentences why they are interested in pursuing this program, what their background is, and what they hope to attain.

AI will reflect the diversity of its creators and we are excited to meet our 2020 scholars!

Author : Eric Holdener