Kinestry Launches Virtual AI Primer to Teach How to Innovate With Artificial Intelligence Leveraging HCD

Artificial Intelligence, commonly referred to as AI, is one of the fastest-growing fields in the world today. Where it was once believed to be a fictional science only to exist in the coming future, AI has now been implemented in almost every industry across the globe, enhancing lifestyles, businesses, and products in a way which one could’ve never imagined. Keeping this in mind, Kinestry, founded in Los Angeles, California, launched its first-ever Virtual AI Primer to allow business owners and organizations to excel in their market with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence. With clients ranging from Disney, 20th Century Fox, Vans, Toms, Nestle, University of Southern California, and many more, Kinestry has made a mark in the Tech industry by building AI-driven strategic plans for a variety of companies to utilize.

Undoubtedly, technology is a space that is changing, growing, and versifying at an undefinable rate. The implementation of the right type of technology at the right place and right time could, in our current economy, allow businesses to grow and differentiate themselves from their competitors. With Artificial Intelligence technology at its peak, Kinestry recognizes the advantages that the tool could have to enhance human intelligence - rather than acting as a mere replacement of it. Keeping in mind their vision to construct a culture of innovation with the support of frontier technologies, the company launched its Virtual AI Primer on June 10th, 2020. Created by Eric Holdener (CEO), Andrew Zhan (CTO), and Ronni Kim (Design and Innovation Strategy Advisor), the Primer consists of a step by step explanation of what Artificial Intelligence signifies, how business owners could utilize the technology to strengthen their brand, and a clear breakdown strategy to build an individualized business case specific to the company.

The online workshop is divided into seven prominent categories, each of which are broken down into mini subsections, making the Primer an easily understandable yet knowledge-rich course. Starting from a brief overview of AI and how the technology operates leading into intense teaching of Human-Centered Design, its framework, and users, the Virtual AI Primer, could be defined as one of the most well-designed online courses to develop an exceptional understanding of Artificial Intelligence. The course continues with detailed coaching on how to begin an AI Project as well as specific business cases for reference. Finally, the Primer concludes with instructions on how the participant should make him/herself prepared for the upcoming interactive workshop which Kinestry plans to host in the near future. Hosted by CEO, Eric Holdener, and Design and Innovation Strategist, Ronni Kim, the Virtual AI Primer undoubtedly has the ability to guide any organization to innovate with Artificial Intelligence, regardless of their previous background and experience in the space. For more information about how to apply to the Virtual AI Primer, visit Kinestry’s website and make sure to follow them throughout their social media platforms for regular updates!


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