AI Primer

Virtual Workshop for Business Leaders


Our “new normal” has redesigned how we interact with one another and, by extension, almost every aspect of how we do business. Organizations everywhere are addressing challenges, such as:

  • Uncertainty in consumer habits that require anticipating new behaviors
  • Remote work that requires new ways of augmenting and automating portions of your workforce
  • Market changes that require re-inventing business models by adopting advanced technology

The economic uncertainty we face has provided the opportunity to address these challenges from a new perspective. In many cases, we can lean on Human-Centered Design and Innovation to pave the new way forward.

Our workshop’s primary goal is to provide you with a foundational understanding of AI to develop a business case and get you and your organization started on your data-driven journey.

Together, we will:

  • Develop a foundational understanding of AI and a framework on how to innovate with it
  • Interact amongst your group for a hands-on-experience
  • Meet and network with peers facing similar challenges
Format Online Workshop
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Time Self-Paced + Live Workshop
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  • Identify where and how to start an AI initiative within your organization.
  • Understand how AI will give you a unique competitive edge.
  • Learn how to run an AI project and its different phases of implementation.
  • Develop sustainable AI solutions with Human-Centered Design.



Learn how AI, Cloud Computing, Big Data, and IoT are enabling the 4th Industrial Revolution.

1. AI and the 4th Industrial Revolution

Video Lesson


Learn how AI actually works from the data to the AI Engines.

2. How the Machines Really Think

Video Lesson


Understand the principles of Human-Centered Design specifically for AI projects.

3. Introduction to Human-Centered Design with AI

Video Lesson


Apply what you’ve learned with real-world business cases in online breakout groups.

4. Put what you learn into practice by working in interactive teams.

Virtual Workshop


  • Eric is an innovation strategist. He spent over 12 years with Nestle, a Fortune 100 company, in numerous functions both in Switzerland and in the USA. His experience includes driving business and technology transformation initiatives, launching products, conducting large-scale LEAN initiatives and partnering with executive leadership teams on strategic projects to deliver organic growth. He introduced Design Thinking and developed innovative tools to help organizations visualize value and improve their performance.
  • Ronni Kimm is a Design and Innovation Strategy Advisor at Kinestry and the Co-founder of Collective Future. Her work has spanned 25 years of diverse partnerships with organizations, creatives, and technologists. Her expertise using human-centered design approaches has helped numerous organizations understand how to solve problems strategically to generate value for their organization. In addition, her most recent work focuses on future visioning and storytelling through human lenses to help clients imagine new possibilities for their future. She has led future visioning initiatives across industries with multiple clients including Autodesk, Ford, and Nike, among others.
  • A research fellow at Stanford who studied with Andrew Ng, Andrew Zhang is one of the top experts in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Neural Network as well as IoT and Blockchain. Prior to joining Kinestry, he worked in senior-level positions at Sharp Corporation on developing AI-powered systems connected to IoT devices for preventive maintenance and at HB, a leading behavioral AI FinTech company. Andrew also has a Ph.D. in Computer Science.

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“I left the workshop informed and inspired, with a clearer, sharper understanding of how AI can help us tackle our big challenges using specific tools and methodologies, and the vocabulary to be able to explain that to non-technical stakeholders”
– Safir Bellali / Digital Product Creation, VANS
“I feel like I have a firm foundation of knowledge about AI. I wish we had more time for Human-Centered Design - I would sign up for a follow-up session!”
– Julie Pilat / The Idea Foundation
“I enjoyed the content that was shared. It was very informative and allowed me to understand where to focus my next steps in learning more about AI.”
– Jonathan Westfield / SVB Leerink
“Kinestry provided an accessible/approachable introduction to complex & relevant topics to understand AI within computer science and recognizing practical applications. It's level-setting on the current state of AI and future potential.”
– Hannah Cortez / Apolis
“Great group of people, an exciting subject that was well presented. Loved the design of the presentation.”
– Chris Rico / Level-Up creative
“Getting an overview of the different concepts and diving into some of the fallacies. I also enjoyed the group exercise, which allowed me to think of AI through the lens of a practical problem.”
– Paul Pichler / Food Centricity, LLC