The radical shift in technology has changed the way we operate in our daily lives, especially when it comes to work. The Future of Work is driven by disruptors but we see those as a great opportunity to recenter the workplace around human capital. We have developed a series of workshops and trainings to help our clients build an Artificial Intelligence culture and develop innovation capabilities in-house at every level of the organization. Most companies have too long overlooked their best asset – their own people and team. We believe the best innovation will come from your existing teams. Building the dynamic workforce of tomorrow requires companies to encourage lifelong learning and new skill development and to adapt to the new environment.

AI Primer: necessary concepts and tools for non-technical professionals to understand Artificial Intelligence.

AI Bootcamp: fundamentals, business applications and hands-on experience for IT engineers.

Human-Centered Design: an essential tool in a culture of innovation.

Experiment. Play. Innovate. Learn advanced technologies and Human-Centered Design to create solutions for your workplace. Designed to ignite innovation, our workshops are led by our team of AI experts, designers and strategic transformation experts.