We create the conditions for innovation to succeed.

The rise of Artificial Intelligence is transforming the economy and the workplace in ways that we haven’t fully grasped yet. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is happening right now and innovation should be everyone’s job. How can organizations operate consciously in this disruptive environment? Kinestry provides organizations with strategic advice, innovation frameworks, and helps them reinvent their human capital. We work with you to build bridges into the new world.”
- Eric Holdener / CEO

Join the AI Revolution

Artificial Intelligence is leading us into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is happening RIGHT NOW. AI is already altering the way we work, live, and innovate.

But what is AI exactly? What can it do for your company? What steps can you take to prepare and safeguard your company for this transition? At Kinestry, we believe the best way to transition to the new economy is to help you understand the value AI can bring to your company. We believe AI can be used as a growing opportunity. Our goal is to create a bridge from the old economy into the new AI world and to prepare you for this transition. In turn, we believe the most effective way to prepare your company for AI is to invest in your team and to integrate creative thinking and innovation at every level of your company.

We partner with our clients and offer resources to adapt to the changing landscape:

Strategic Consulting

Vision and roadmaps to align digital transformation and workplace transformation.

Collaborative Workshops

Build an Artificial Intelligence culture with our 1-Day introduction or 5-Day intensive course and develop innovation capabilities with our Human-Centered Design course.