The creation and use of 3D Digital Twins–the digital versions of physical products–has ushered in the future of agile product innovation. Iterating with Digital Twins not only streamlines the path to production but also provides a launchpad into the Metaverse.

On the manufacturing side, iterating with digital assets saves brands time and money, reduces waste, and decreases supply chain friction. For marketing, the resulting 3D assets create a virtual product line that can be used to design valuable content and experiences.

Kinestry has a highly-specialized offshore 3D production team led by proven experts who have innovated in Digital Twin production and 3D content and XR experience creation across and Apparel industries for decades.

The brands that gain the most from Digital Twins will be those who choose to get educated, experiment, and engage in collaborative work streams. i. Kinestry’s 3D Production team helps brands create comprehensive 3D Digital Assets, beginning with an open conversation to explore and understand needs and interests. Schedule a call to discover how Kinestry can help your business build new collaborative work streams in the digital world.

digital twins


3d product creation
  • Design Conversion

    From traditional design files (patterns, techpacks, engineering CAD), we create an exact 3D model, a Digital Twin, of your designs, taking into consideration, lighting, draping, 3-dimensional perspective, enhanced imaging and background environments.

  • Material Dynamics

    By understanding the materials you work with (construction, physics, weight, composition), we replicate those traits in the Digital Twin – creating a virtual match.

  • Flexible Iteration

    Quickly and easily iterate on different materials, colors and related dynamics with the design, including cost analysis, to make smart design and business decisions before manufacturing begins.


  • Browzwear
  • CLO3D
  • Rhino
  • Keyshot
  • Modo
  • Blender



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