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NFT + Metaverse Visual Guide:
How to sell virtual products


  • Smarter Energy Grid

    As climate change causes more adverse weather conditions, it challenges our ability to produce electricity and effectively fulfill demand.

    Andrew Zhang led a research team to develop an artificial intelligence-based prediction system called Smarter Grid. The system leverages the growing potential of AI, IoT, Big Data, and the technology of Radio Frequency (RF) Mesh Network with Smart meters to develop a smarter grid system for electricity distributors.

    As a result, The Smarter Grid solutions use real-time data to monitor power usage, predict power demand, and automate power distribution and help energy and utility clients.

  • The future of smart maintenace

    Today, the process of designing and developing high-quality commercial products is extremely challenging; however, maintaining products after shipping is just as difficult.

    Andrew Zhang, CTO at Kinestry, worked on an AI Project, leveraging AI, IoT, and Cloud Computing to address equipment stability, unplanned downtime, and maintenance overruns of commercial printers for a Fortune Global 500 company.

    After implementation, the company saw a cost reduction of approximately 40% in product maintenance.

  • Audience genomics

    While everybody spends their time online right now, and there’s never been more consumer data available to answer big questions brands are asking to better position themselves in the new world we’re seeing emerge and shift.

    The new arms race for brands: either developing or accessing AI-driven consumer insights tools that considerably raise the bar in the depth of understanding of what consumers think and want.

    Corto and Kinestry have built CortoY to leverage these next-gen tools, along with their our intellectual property, to try to take digital consumer insights to the next level. Recently, we had the opportunity to leverage this AI stack as part of a proof of concept with a major apparel client.


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