Monday, October 18, 2021

Kinestry Partners with Studio Dimitri Chamblas To Develop Brand Experiences in the Metaverse

Well-renowned thought-leader, artistic director, and Chevalier of the Order of Arts in France, Dimitri Chamblas brings his creative experience to Kinestry with the ambition to bring brands to the forefront of Web 3.0.

  • Image Credit: Dimitri Chamblas X Don Perignon

    Over the last two decades, Dimitri Chamblas has worked as an Artistic Director, Choreographer & Curator for globally renowned brands such as Chanel, Dom Perignon, UGG, Cartier and Nike. Throughout his career, technology has been deeply connected to his work, as a tool to expand the horizons of narrative expression.

    The partnership of Kinestry + Studio Dimitri Chamblas brings together Chamblas' deep expertise in artistic expression with Kinestry's skills in emerging technology and human-centered design.

    Under today's Creative Economy, brands are looking to elevate the consumer experience by creating novel forms of digital storytelling and immersive content. The collective talent of these powerhouse studios brings together the strategic, design, and creative skills needed to bring these experiences to life.

    Together, Kinestry + Studio Dimitri Chamblas provide the solution for brands looking to establish their presence in the Metaverse, create Digital Assets and NFT marketplaces, and build the future of Mixed Reality Experiences.

  • As the first step of their collaboration, Kinestry + SDC are pleased to announce the launch of an NFT artist collective. The opportunity will give a revolving set of creative talents the chance to experiment with new forms of expression in emerging digital spaces. The collective will work with Chamblas’ guidance and have access to Kinestry's technical expertise. Kinestry + SDC plan to release details about their first creative cohort in early 2022.

    You can check out Dimitri’s work and collaborations here.

    Image Credit: Dimitri Chamblas X Chanel No5 LEAU