With Corto™ AI, Kinestry can help you engineer virality, increase digital community engagement, and optimize your brand narrative

But don't take our word for it. These companies are already using Corto™:

“We understand marketing is about communities, not mass messaging. We would not be able to achieve effective scale without Kinestry and the Corto solution. Thank you for guiding us!”

- Head of Consumer Engagement @ Global Fortune 500 company

The era of mass marketing is over.

Digital communities rule the world.

  • What if you could discover insights about your audience that you never thought of before?
  • What if you could uncover the narratives that they engage with?
  • What if you could sway new communities to engage with your brand and products?

Corto™: an AI engine to help you understand content + commerce narratives as algorithms and use deep audience data to optimize your outreach and impact across channels.

We can engineer virality


Media stories have algorithmic structures that drive audience affinity and financial performance.


We can predict what your audience finds interesting.

AI-Powered Insights


Know your audience more intimately with advanced psychographics like values, emotions, needs, and symbols that allow you to tell better stories.


Discover meaningful correlations between the stories you tell and how audiences are engaging. These discoveries, paired with ROI and sales statistics, cummulate into budget-wise and actionable learning.


Gain real time insights on your brand’s narrative and foster rapid and direct engagements in response.

Engineer your brand's virality